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Year in Review: Ups and Downs of the Oscar Nominations

14 Jan

Rant. Rave. Review. 2012When I got up to watch the nominations for this year’s 85th Academy Awards (the Oscars), two things really shook me from my early morning stupor:

1. Seth MacFarlane is going to be a hilarious Oscar host (he announced the nominations).

2. In this amazing year in film, there were quite a few number of surprises in what many people considered to be “locks.”

Below are my particularly stronger positive and negative reactions to the nominations. Below that is the full list of nominated films. Form your own opinions and get your predictions ready for the ceremony on Sunday, February 24th!
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Year in Review: Best Adapted Screenplays of 2012

6 Jan

Rant. Rave. Review. 2012Finally, we get into the more “legitimate” awards area with the best adapted screenplays. This category recognizes screenwriters who have crafted a script written exclusively for a film, but is based on a different source material, such as a novel, theatrical production or TV show. This is the hardest category for me to critique since I have no screenwriting experience and have not read the scripts for the films (which can usually be found online once a movie is out). However, I have seen each film and have kept in mind some of the basics of a strong screenplay when critically evaluating them. Contrary to common understanding, a screenplay is much more than dialogue. Continue reading

The Term “Oscar Worthy” and a Review of Spielberg’s Lincoln

18 Nov

Official poster for Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln

The telling of a true story is always a gamble with an audience, particularly if that true story is about one of our nation’s most beloved Presidents. Most biographies or interpretations or retellings of a lesser-known subject lead their films with, “Based on a true story.” When a true story is being told and on that rare occasion it doesn’t have to include said lead, then you know the stakes of your gamble are higher than ever.

Steven Spielberg’s 28th picture bares no such lead-in to his film, opting instead for a bold word accompanied by a resounding bass note: Lincoln. Continue reading