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A Week in Science-Fiction Trailers (December 6-12)

12 Dec

Wow! What an overwhelming week this has been for film buffs, trailer whores, and Science-Fiction nerds around the world. This lucky critic falls into all three categories, so I found myself spending more time than usual looking at a computer screen these past 6 days. Here is a little recap for those who aren’t quite as informed:

Pacific Rim

December 6th – First teaser trailer for the sequel that is going to be totally out of this world… Star Trek: Into Darkness

December 8th – First trailer for the graphic novel adaption starring Tom Cruise… Oblivion

December 10th – First trailer for the father/son post-apocalyptic adventure starring Will and Jaden Smith… After Earth

December 11th – First full trailer (not a teaser) for the newest Christopher Nolan/Zack Snyder collaboration… Man of Steel

December 12th – First trailer for Guillermo del Torro’s first film in 5 years… Pacific Rim

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