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Upcoming Release Dates: The Films of 2013

21 Dec

What started out as, “Top 10 Movies Yet to Come in 2013” turned into, “I Love Movies and I Want to See Them All in 2013”-type fiasco. I gathered a list of 44 movies that I was excited for next year and then couldn’t figure out how to properly organize them for your reading pleasure. Should I rank them by which one’s I’m most excited for? But isn’t 44 a weird number? How many should I cut the list down to? Why is this so hard?

In the end, I figured that I shouldn’t eliminate movies that I may not want to see that badly when the readers may want to. So we are back at 44 and the list is divided up by month with the release date next to every title. The list mostly contains bigger-budget movies since smaller movies tend to pop up when you’re least expecting to hear about them. Also, the number of entries starts to thin out when you get past August. The fall and winter movies are still far away so there is a good chance release dates will shift and other titles will get added. But for now, there is still a wide range of movies listed below and I know that you will find at least one that tickles your fancy.

I bolded the 10 films that I am most excited for just in case the list turns out to be a monotonous drone of titles you have never heard of before in your life. Hopefully my opinion will help you get excited for the wonder and excitement of going to the movies! Check the list after the jump.

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