A Week in Science-Fiction Trailers (December 6-12)

12 Dec

Wow! What an overwhelming week this has been for film buffs, trailer whores, and Science-Fiction nerds around the world. This lucky critic falls into all three categories, so I found myself spending more time than usual looking at a computer screen these past 6 days. Here is a little recap for those who aren’t quite as informed:

Pacific Rim

December 6th – First teaser trailer for the sequel that is going to be totally out of this world… Star Trek: Into Darkness

December 8th – First trailer for the graphic novel adaption starring Tom Cruise… Oblivion

December 10th – First trailer for the father/son post-apocalyptic adventure starring Will and Jaden Smith… After Earth

December 11th – First full trailer (not a teaser) for the newest Christopher Nolan/Zack Snyder collaboration… Man of Steel

December 12th – First trailer for Guillermo del Torro’s first film in 5 years… Pacific Rim

I know that 2012 has been a pretty phenomenal year in film, but the way these trailers are making 2013 look, I’d say that 2012 may be in a run for its money! Below I’m going to post the trailers in descending order of how awesome they look and how excited I am for them. If you disagree, who cares!  They are just trailers. Who knows how these movies will pan out. Luckily all of their release dates are fairly spread-out over the summer. Let the wait begin…

5. After Earth – June 7th

Will Smith is always a solid choice in any role he portrays, even if the film is bad (MIB3). The trailer is anchored by his strong and caring narration as we watch his son Jaden run around the post-apocalyptic jungle of what used to be our Earth. I bet the aging Will is just living vicariously through his youthful son, remember his days of running and jumping around. The father/son dynamic really sets this trailer apart from the others, as well as the survival theme that clearly contrasts with the explosions and battle scenes of the other trailers. My one BIG hesitation for this film is the director… M. Night Shyamalan a.k.a. the guy who ruined “The Last Airbender” and hasn’t made a good film in quite some time. We can only hope that this is his comeback film.

4. Man of Steel – June 14th

Who knows what to expect from this film. Director Zack Snyder has an iffy track record and Christopher Nolan turned out to have his head too far up his own ass to make a satisfactory conclusion to his Dark Knight trilogy. Also, Henry Cahill, our new Clark Kent, looks like he is carved out of a tree his acting is so wooden and shallow. And Superman is the most hyped of all super heroes, with a questionable track record as well. But there is something about this trailer that gives me hope… The flying looks a lot less cartoonish than I was initially dreading, but most importantly I love the angle that they are taking with the story. How would you live your life if you had these God-like powers? It also can’t hurt to have such fantastic actors in your supporting crew, most notably the acting force that is Michael Shannon playing the evil General Zod.

3. Oblivion – April 26th

Has anybody noticed that Tom Cruise hasn’t aged in the past couple of movies that he’s been in? Seriously, this man was born to play the working Joe turned action hero. And he always seems to get caught up in the craziest of situations when he is just doing his job. That is what I love about this film’s concept. This easily combines the genres of mystery and thriller with its science-ficiton environment. I have a lot of respect for the approach when it could have been just another shoot-em-up space cowboy adventure. I can’t wait to see how this turns out, especially since this could turn out to be one of the few good graphic novel adaptions!

2. Star Trek: Into Darkness – May 17th

Missing the top spot because it is a sequel sounds like a lame excuse because it is. But that’s my reason and I’m sticking to it. So consider Star Trek tied for number 1. Anyway, this trailer gives us the sense that this second Star Trek looks to capitalize on the success of the first film and deliver another interstellar epic. At the heart of the trailer is the new and not-yet-confirmed baddie, Benedict Cumberbatch. Is he playing Khan from the most popular of the old Star Trek movie? Or Gary Mitchell (a famed villain from the TV series)? Or John Harrison (whoever that is)? Only time will tell, but the crew of the Star Trek Enterprise is back and looks ready to go on another grand adventure, lead by the fearless Captain Kirk (Chris Pine) and Mister Spock (Zachary Quinto). Live long and prosper.

1. Pacific Rim – July 12th

Guillermo del Torro is finally gracing the movie theaters with his direction again as he brings this original Godzilla-esque monsters vs. robots movie to the giant IMAX 3D screen. What a heart-stopping, breath-taking trailer, “Inception” music aside. The visuals are going to be amazing as we get to watch the Megazords wrestle with some unique looking monsters from below the ocean. But lets focus on the little people in the trailer. Charlie Hunnam, Jax from the fantastic FX drama “Sons of Anarchy”, finally gets his chance to deliver on a major motion picture. He is just the golden-haired protagonist viewers can get their hearts behind as he kicks alien ass. Then there’s the ever-imposing Idris Elba commanding his troops and the screen with his deep booming voice. Also, Rinko Kikuchi shows that she can rock with the best of them as she plays Hunnam’s co-pilot in what is sure to be an epic climactic battle. I am unbelievably excited for this movie.


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